How to Roleplay as a Maid




Directing your maid to what chores need to get done is a fulfilling experience, personalised in a way that brings out the natural masculine-submissive energy we all have in us. A maid roleplay scene is a fetish encounter that you cannot get anywhere else except with a roleplay escort who is willing to be your saucy roleplay companion for couple of hours or more.


What Is French Maid Roleplay?


French maid roleplay is another form of sex play, where the submissive person is delivering a service while giving you erotic pleasure at the same time. Hiring a Maid roleplay escort means she will be there to provide everything you need. The idea of maid roleplay submission-dominance really taps into the innate nature of men and women. The dominant, who is usually the man, loves seeing his maid in a submissive position on her knees cleaning the floor or bending over the stove cooking his favourite meal, showing off her derriere and long legs, teasing constantly by performing an act that is utterly irresistible in the eye of the spectator. How exciting would be to tell your personal maid, “You missed a spot!” and make sure you get every corner neat and shiny


The most popular form of maid roleplay is the French maid where the submissive is dressed in sexy French maids lingerie sets or costumes, where the dominant can voyeuristically see those voluptuous curves.


A Fun Boudoir Imaginative  Roleplay


Always keep in mind these acts are normally done in a excitingly compromising sexual position that turns the male counterpart on. Moreover, you could get a boost of pleasure by getting the maid to use a duster to sweep across your genitals for a tickling sensation or even a vacuum for some sucking fun!


The maid might have pouty lips, a sultry attitude and sassiness to go with it because she may not want to do the work. She may say, “Do I have to?”, and you respond, “Yes, you have to do your all chores!” You can also have a naked maid role-play where she is doing the house chores naked and you are directing her exactly what to do and what needs to get picked up.


Where To Get A Maid Outfit For Your Romantic Roleplay Counterpart


Once you release those inhibitions and decide to perform the maid roleplay with your counterpart, then you are in luck because there are many online services that has plenty of outfits to fit your companion with next day delivery service. Just type in “maid outfit BDSM UK” and see the exclusive options available. The Strawberry Sparking is one of those websites as they offer a great selection of outfits. However, if you need to pick up maid outfits and/or Roleplay related items today, then the Harmony Store on Oxford Street in Soho has an extensive selection of sex toys and costumes for both sexes.


Have fun with your exclusive maid!